Valiance Coaching

We strive to do so much more than just coach or counsel; we mentor, we teach, and we grow from our clients. If you are stressed, depressed, or simply need a change in your life, allow me to assist. I have been doing this since 2010 & I love every minute of it!




What About Consulting?

Aside from Life Counseling, we offer Consulting that falls into five main niche areas: startup businesses seeking investment, small businesses that are looking for an increase in revenue, multimedia and creativity consulting, leadership & assertiveness consulting, and idea generation.


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Why Life Coaching?

Nothing is better than helping! I find true beauty in the dynamic human spirit that, more often than not, refuses to submit in the face of adversity! You must understand that as a Coach and a Counselor, I am here for a reason: to help others thrive and succeed!




Company History

Valiance Coaching formed in 2010 when Ryan W. McClellan became a certified Life Coach. The company did not make much progress until 2017 when paid advertisements (laid out of McClellan’s pocket) began to show signs of life. Several individuals signed up for sessions and 96 percent of them maintained packaged session deals of up to three months.


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