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It’s not just “another Monday…”

The word "Monday"

What did you do today when you woke up?

     Did you yawn, then try to go back to sleep? Or did you jump up and race for the kitchen for your morning cup of coffee? The foundation of our life rests in the first 2 minutes of our day. The former will have a bad day; it is proven that those who wake up and fail to jump the gun are typically going to have a tiresome day. Those who jump up, ready for the day ahead of them, are more likely to succeed in life.

Another Monday

     Is there anything good to say about Mondays? Yes, there is! Mondays are the first day of the work week, and it means that the weekend is behind you and you have a brand new opportunity to succeed. If you look at it as: “The beginning of a new week” rather than just another Monday, you are going to be much better off. Look at it as an opportunity to give that week everything you’ve got! Don’t tarnish it; cherish it.

     It is not just another day; it is the most important day of the week! It defines how the rest of your week will be. If you are struggling to get through Monday, how will you possibly make Tuesday or Wednesday a better day? Remember, the circumstances are on you. Not  your boss; not your job. They are on you. You need to be willing to accept that the week is starting, but why is that such a bad thing? It is a fresh start, and a way to do things ten times better than the week prior to that.

Follow Through

     Follow through with your week! Set goals to accomplish at the beginning. On Sunday, aside from Church, go about developing a Life Plan for your week. What will this week mean to you? What will you accomplish? And how will you accomplish it? Let each week be a start to a new journey, a new opportunity, and a new learning experience. Otherwise, you will fall victim to the never-ending cycle of work or school, and I have seen these people circle the drain time and time again.

     The week is a path toward the weekend. At least that is how most people see it. I see it as a chance to grow, a chance to become something better, a chance to create a greater change. When we think of the work week, we think of work. We need to instead think of all of the things we are going to accomplish, and how we intend on accomplishing them. Without this mentality, we are victims are our own cross-sectional thinking.

Life Plans

    I wrote about a topic called a Life Business Plan. Check it out here. Let yourself plan each week out based on goals. What do you want to accomplish and how do you plan on accomplishing it? Sometimes it is best to summarize our week before we get there – not based on what we will be doing but what we intend on learning from it. This is a unique concept. For one, you will find yourself dealing with the week a lot better!

     Secondly, you will see that there is an easier path than the typical Monday morning. Rather, there is a chance and an opportunity to better ourselves each and every day, and this is an endless journey we must all accept. If we don’t, we will be doomed to walk down a path of darkness for the remainder of our lives. Don’t be that person! Be the one who makes actionable changes every week, and lets themselves succeed!


Author: Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

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