The Devil Within

We all have a devil within us.
We also have the wings of angels.

A man standing amidst darkness..

We all have a demon inside of us (as well as an angel).

     This is not a sentiment of religion; it is a fact. We all have something inside of us that, whether we like it or not, spells darkness. Now, darkness may be defined as many things. Some would consider nighttime as darkness; others would consider it something more profound, i.e. something bad within us. The truth is, darkness is not bad. It is there to provide us with knowledge about what is wrong and what is right.

     Every day we have a chance to display either darkness or light. When we display darkness, we are mean and condescending people without a shred of compassion. This often comes in the form of a horn being honked angrily, or a man yelling at his child for spilling his morning cereal. Is it necessarily a bad thing? No, it is not. We need this sense of darkness in order to recognize the light around us!

Darkness = Absence

     What is darkness? It is the absence of light. It is just that simple. In the world of religion or spirituality, darkness represents an unholy war between good and bad. We must continue to see life this way, even when not looking at things in a religious or a spiritual manner. Take, for example, a bad day. A bad day is absent of good, or in this case: absent of light. We have a choice at this point: succumb to darkness and continue to wander blindly through it, or choose to pivot and recognize the light.

     Next time you feel darkness consuming you, recognize the light around you. Notice the behaviors of those around you who are not having a bad day. Can you somehow adapt that behavior and mimic it into your routine? Can you defeat the darkness by finding honor in not honking that horn angrily? Can you treat those around you better? And will this fix the problem, or is the darkness too deep for you to stop?

When Overcome…

     When the darkness is too much to handle, and you feel yourself slipping into a negative mindset, stop and breathe. Breathing allows oxygen to reach the brain, which is where that negative energy births from. Try to see the positive in your day. If you are experiencing stress that is leading to negativity, what can you do to reduce that stress? Can you try a breathing exercise? Can you distance yourself from the issue at hand? Can you perhaps see the good in a situation rather than focusing on the bad?

     We see much of our lives through a night vision lens: everything is groggy. This is just how we are trained to behave as human beings. We are trained to obey society’s rules, of which are convoluted and often wrong. This sense of wrongness attributes itself into our daily lives, making us feel that the rat race of life is a need rather than a choice. If we were all able to realize that we can continue to learn to see brightness throughout the day – even something as simple as realizing the sun is above us all day and is still active even in night – we would be so much better off as a human race.

Actionable Means

     Try and overcome the darkness within! Do not let the devils within you take over your daily routine. Be a catalyst for change, and let those around you see it. If you are known to be a cynical person, realize that those around you may be right, and how does that make you feel? Does it feel good knowing you see everything through a blackened lens? Or does it make you angry? If it makes you angry knowing you hurt everybody in your path, good! That is what the point of this entry is about: showing you that the negative is not the right answer! Rather, it is to seek an actionable change.

     Seek help if you are a person who visualizes the darkness day in and day out, and you may feel free to contact me if you need assistance in seeing the light. I specialize in helping those who see nothing but negativity realize their potential as a light-bearing person. We call this: “Dealing With Darkness” and it is a specialty of mine. When it is time to reverse your behaviors and start anew, let me know, and let others know. The more people you tell about your idealization for change, the more likely they are to bring it up, and the more likely you will succeed at adjusting your life!


Author: Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

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