All Energy Is Borrowed

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A man engulfed in the heavens.

When you think about it, all energy is just borrowed…

…and in the end, we must all return it.

     Think about that for a moment. Think back to science class. We learned in Biology that producers (plants) would turn light energy into chemical energy, and consumers (those who eat plants such as herbivores) will obtain energy from the plants based on this. The cycle continues when those herbivores are eaten, and the process of energy continues down a chain of gain. Seeing life in this way might make the idea of death easier to swallow. I recall a quote: “We all owe God a death.”

     Despite your beliefs or religious attributions, the point is very simple: we are all going to die one day, and we have to realize that our lives are governed around the scientific principle (and one of a profound nature, almost as if it was planned out this way by some miraculous entity) of the food chain. When you eat something, you gain energy from it. And that goes for spiritual energy, as well! When we borrow positive energy from the universe, at some point we are going to be asked to give it back!

This Is Life

     Life is all about energy, and the exchange of it between all living entities. If we could choose to see it this way: that we all have that one thing in common (from human-to-human and from human-to-earth), perhaps we could live in a more harmonious manner. What if we were to see each other as a spirit rather than an animal? Winston Churchill was the first to bring this up when he said: “When great forces are on the move, we learn that we are spirits, not animals.” And he was right.

     The idea of energy of a spiritual nature can coincide to that of the food chain. Whether religious, agnostic, or atheist, we all have this one thing in common: energy. Energy flows between all beings, and if there is chemical energy, then what are the chances that there is also a spiritual energy? And what happens to the energy lost as heat as the food chain progresses? What does that heat go to? Does it form the energy of the spirits we so willingly assume exist, or is it an illusion?


     Choosing to see this either way is equally incredible. The foundation of all life comes from the sun, and what does the sun do? It produces light! It reminds one of the spiritual concept of good versus evil: light shall prevail over darkness. But then, what is darkness? Is it merely absence of light, or is it perhaps something more profound than that? If we all lose energy through heat when one asset is consumed by another, is it not possible that our positive energy loses a bit of traction at every turn it takes, leaking into the void of darkness we are all so vivaciously afraid of?

     Again, no matter what the answer to this question may be, it is a baffling phenomenon. We must all choose to live by science, encompassed around the realm of the spirit. True balance is found in positive attribution, and it is scientifically proven that those who think positively have more endogenous dopamine in their neuronal pathways, of which means those who believe in the realm of the spirit (i.e. energy) are naturally equipped to feel wellness more so than those who choose to live in darkness.

     I am not trying to preach; I am simply trying to show you that science and the world of the spirit are one in the same, and to choose sides is a nuance of our purpose here on earth: to grow, and to pass on good energy so it can be lost as negative energy. In this manner, we only pass on the positive and remove the negative. Just like heat is lost as energy, so is darkness.

Conclusion? Not Really

     I hope this did not sound fanatical or religious. I would never intend to dissect someone’s beliefs, but these are mine, and such theories are what make life worth living. Mystery is the one thing all human beings enjoy! And the mystery of life can be summed up into one sentence, and it is the following: we all gain our daily energy from the sun, in some way, shape, or form…even if it is just through eating a vegetable!

Author: Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

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