Life Business Plans

If you could, would you turn life into a story?
What would you talk about?
This is important for success!

Hey all! Thanks for your ongoing support with the Valiance Coaching movement. 

     I’d like to introduce my new online workshop venture, where you will learn how to create a Life Business Plan and will be thus certified as an ALP (Associate Life Planner). The point of a Life Business Plan is to make change in life by using the same fundamentals  a business plan does: objectives, missions, funding requirements (what do you need to obtain happiness?), your sales forecasts (how much happiness will you gain?), and more. I feel the two are both capable of great things!

     I have the audio recorded as of now but need it mixed by my Sound Engineer. Once I double-check the audio to make sure all takes came out perfect, I will have him work on them and then will synchronize them to video. What fun! That’s a 2 hour course that will be found on Udemy  However, I plan on putting together a 3-6 day workshop online. This means that every Saturday and Sunday, for 3 weeks total (so 6 sessions) there will be a 4 hour session held between myself and the group who is there to learn.

      Every day comes with assignments, and the project will allow the participant to write up a Life Business Plan and then go about pitching it to family and friends, much like an investor meeting or an episode of “Shark Tank”! It will be such a fun and rewarding experience, and I plan to get this official workshop ready by March or April. It will be held every 6-8 weeks. If you want an early signup or more info, click here.

Author: Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

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