What Defines Your Life?

Life is a tricky concept.
One day you’re hard at work.
The next you’re hardly working!

What defines your life? Simple answer: you do!

     Today a client asked me if they were on the right path. This individual wanted to know what defined them as a person. I had no choice but to answer with a simple: “You.” The essence of the human experience is found in you, and only you. If you do not begin to realize that success is eminent based on your actions, your choices and your beliefs, you will fall victim to succession and will most likely not act as your best “self.”

Don’t Falter

     Allow every moment that passes as a chance for victory! We all have one single goal in life, and that is to thrive and flourish. What can you change today that will make life that much easier? And what commonly fills your least-admirable days? If so, do you continue to engage in these behaviors? It is time to realize that the difference between right and wrong is simpler than one may think. Instead, begin to think of life as better or worse.

     This is your life! Begin to embrace it; challenge it; nourish it; let it fly free! Just like a mother coddles her child, you should do the same with life! It is essential to being human: learning to do what makes us stronger and better as a person. When you are down and out for the count, get back up and rise to the challenge! Face adversity head-on! Otherwise, you are not giving it your best, and that is a waste of life.

Let It Go

     Let go of fear of change! Do not wallow in darkness. Rather, be the light that brightens that darkness, so you can traverse into the future! It is not written in stone for us, but it is what we make it. If we are to sit back and let life dictate our every move, we are stagnant. In the words of Benjamin Franklin (or was it Theodore Roosevelt?): “Progress is born from agitation. It is either agitation or stagnation. In other words, life is not meant to be easy. It is in the hardship of it that truly defines us as a species and a race.

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Author: Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

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