Is It Down The Drain?

Life is worth living; that’s a given.
Often it seems wisest to give up.
But that is obviously not the best solution.
This is a post about avoiding that mentality.

A drain sucking in water.

It’s not completely down the drain yet!

Just because I am a Life Counselor does not mean I do not have my moments of envy, desertion, and decease. Everyone will go through periods of confusion, trying to choose who they are and trying to figure out why they are that way. I am in no better a boat than you, but that does not mean life is to desert.  At one point in my life, I had found a sanctuary in the realm of Music Management, which is actually where my background in business began. I worked with a wise man who once told me that if you fall fifty times, you have to stand up fifty-one times. Is that not the truth?

Is It Worth It?

That is a never-ending question we must ask ourselves – sometimes on a daily basis. I had to ask myself that the other day, and then the day that followed, and then today I had to ask the same question: is this worth it? Though my mind says: “No,” my heart speaks truth: “Yes.” It is always worth it. It is always worth the pain, the hurt, and the memories that will burn themselves into your cerebellum as you progress through the process.

Sometimes it can feel like you are just running in circles, trying to catch a tail that does not even exist (funny side-note: human beings do have a tail bone). But that is the race that defines who we are, and why we continue to progress as a society. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who once said: “Progress is born from agitation. It is either agitation or stagnation,” which led us to form a new country bred and born on the idea of progression. Why let that spirit die in the sun like a thirsty dog?

You Are Worth It

You won’t always feel that way, but it’s true. Everybody, on some insentient level, is worth their share of life. How much of that share they choose to take is up to them. Some may choose to live a life of crime, but that is okay – people are naturally hardwired to turn to darkness when there is little light to shed. Others will seek the highest mountain to scream their anger from, and what a wonderful journey: searching for a mountain just so you can scream at the top of your lungs so the entire world can hear.

If you let the world cave in around you, you are going against everything the dynamic human spirit stands for. You are appeasing to suffocation by rock, and that is a tale of a broken being. Where would we be if it were not for the troubles of life? Think about it. What is the worst memory you have? What was the worst moment in your life? Relive it; bathe in it; allow it to consume you. Then, progress to a new thought: what was learned from it? Did it make you stronger? And even if not, why is it in your memories to begin with if it does not serve some purpose?

What We Learn

Did you learn not to touch the fire a second time? If robbed at gunpoint one night, are you now a bit more careful with when and where you choose to associate yourself? If pulled over for running a red light, do you maintain the same behaviors? And if so, why? Is it because they are easier, or is it perhaps because you enjoy the darkness? If that is the case, I cannot help you; no one can until you relinquish the desire for darkness, as you will continue to return to it, like a moth to a candle.

For the rest of us, we tend to gravitate toward a solution to a problem. When we cannot find a solution, we grow frustrated, which is normal. Remember that cave-in over several dozen miners a few years ago? Remember the frantic pace of those trying to dig their loved ones out of the cave? Do you think they were frustrated, too? Life throws us millions of opportunities a day, but when you find yourself in a bad position and you need help being dug out of the dirt, or a cave-in, you can contact me.

I’m human, like you, and I’m here to help.

Author: Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

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