Stressed? Try Writing!

Stressed? Try writing! It is the best way to relieve anxiety. Whenever you feel ready to give up on life, take some time to put that pen to the pad. Read more about it here!

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Did you know that writing can be used for therapy?

          Beginning sometime around the age of five, I have always been a great writer. I do not know why, but I have come to realize that it is rather cathartic. For those of you who do not know what cathartic is, read a book! Just kidding. It is a concept Sigmund Freud coined stating that sometimes the loudest screamer is often the happiest.

     In this case, writing can be therapy. It allows you to express your emotions openly and without judgement. In fact, writing this very post is therapeutic. In its own way, I am expressing myself, my thoughts, and my opinions. In this case, my thoughts are that writing can be therapy, and you should try it as an alternative to it (or coupled together).

The Truth Is…

      Whenever I write an article, a post, or a book, I find myself lost in my thoughts. I often feel that when I need to express myself in some way, even if it is merely factual – I am more likely to do so while writing rather than speaking. This is because writing has always been my creed; I live by the ink. “Fuel me the paper, and I will be the pen,” as I say. But that does not mean it will help for everyone.

     There are three types of people: audial learners, visual learners, and hands-on learners. Studies show that hands-on learners tend to be the ones who are the best at using writing as a means of expression. This is backed by the pseudoscience of Sigmund Freud, who once said that catharsis comes in many forms, but those who use it to their advantage are more likely to free themselves with writing.

Have You Done This?

     I truly want to know: have you ever needed to vent through writing? Contact me if so, or if you wish to learn how to, as I  act as a Literary Consultant on the side, and you can check out my website at  Learning the art of cathartic writing is something I feel we could all take a page from (pun intended).

     When I was five, I wrote my first story. From that point onward, I have seen my successes rise and triumph, and I truly feel this is because I am a good writer. This post  may be a bit haphazard, but Maury is on and it can be distracting writing a post for a Life Coaching website, working on my fourth book, and watching people get screwed sideways as they try to determine who the father is…but moving on.

Go Ahead, Try It!

     Don’t let it be a rumor left unturned! Try and write your thoughts! Utilize the art of writing a poem; a song lyric; a memoir. It does more than just help you relieve stress. It can also facilitate your thoughts placed in ink rather than up inside of your head. That is the problem: as human beings we are hardwired to believe that thoughts are meant to be left to ourselves, when the truth is that this is deceiving on all levels.

     I have known singers and musicians who may not be great writers, but their outlets for expression act as a catalyst for change. It helps them embellish their inner demons and place them into art form, and what is where the saying by OTEP was formed: “Art as war.” How much better would our lives be if we all decided to pick up a pen rather than a drug? What if we all chose to write rather than pick up a pipe?

     Rhyme intended. 

     We’d all be in a much merrier place, and perhaps this world would be a better place because of it. Terrorist cells would vanish; peace would be restored; all would be great. Maybe not, but maybe so. We will never know until we try it! So next time you are feeling bad, or feeling depressed, consider two options: therapy by session, or therapy by writing. Next time you are down and out, pick up a pen, and write!

Author: Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

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  1. Running is a great stress reliever for me when work starts to pile on. Writing is a wonderful emotional stress reliever for me. It allows me to unload all things rolling around in my head. I always come away from a journaling time with clearer thoughts and a calmer outlook.

    Richard Yadon |

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