Knowledge Is Priceless

Knowledge is priceless.
Life is a playground!
Learn to harness that.

I started my career early – so early that it was unexpected.

     But that did not lead to anything bad. As a high school dropout (don’t worry, I got my GED and am currently in college), I immediately took to web design at the age of seventeen. From there, things got interesting. Through the power of networking, I found myself working on film sets, managing musicians, and (of course) becoming a Life Coach and Counselor. That is just a small taste of what I’ve done in 12 years.


What’s The Point?

     The point is: I did all of this on my own. Without school, without question, and without hesitation. And you can do the same thing. Though I may have been blessed with a rather fine line of free time – which you may not possess, such as work and daily life – everything can be learned on your own. I honestly feel that knowledge is priceless. If you can learn something new on a daily basis, you are at step one.

     Step two is to venture out into the world and begin practicing. Networking is everything these days, and it does not always depend on “who you know” or “how much you know.” Rather, it is about finding opportunities and saying “yes” to every one of them. When I was asked to sit in as an Associate Producer for Nu Boyana Studios, I said “yes.” I had no idea what it took to fulfill that daunting position, but I did it anyway. That is how everyone should be living their lives…


through conviction alone!

How To Start?

     Simple: venture out into the world, figure out what you want to do with your life, and begin mapping out the future. If you want to be a cowboy, learn to ride a horse and shoot a gun; if you want to be a doctor, you do not need the degree (after all, what is the true difference between my position as a Life Coach and that of a trained therapist? Yes, there is education required to hold that PhD, but what does it truly represent?). Instead, begin to examine life as a game. Think back to Kindergarten.

     In Kindergarten, we knew life was a playground! What happens with life? We grow up, and we begin to see the world through jaded eyes. This is a dangerous path to travel, I might add, because life begins to blind us to the smaller, pettier things. Begin to absorb the world around you; figure out what you want to do with your life…and then go and do it. No questions, no hesitations. Just go and do it. It’s that simple.


Want To Learn?

     Learning is a powerful tool. If it were not for learning new things, we would be no better than a rat in a cage. Start every day with a fresh glass of “I can do this” and get moving! Once again, I understand that life interferes with this capability. We have kids to attend to, work to do, families to uphold…but even with all of that, can you not take one hour a day to jump on and begin to learn new things? It is possible, so contact me if you want some help figuring out how to do this!

     Learn to view life as a learning experience by clicking here.



Discussion on how asking questions is necessary to obtain new knowledge and be a better person. Reflect on your life story where you spent 10 years doing things you knew nothing about, and how simple research online led to where I am today.

Author: Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

2 thoughts on “Knowledge Is Priceless”

  1. Ryan, I would stop writing about things you do not know. Speaking as a person with a PhD, there is a BIG difference between a therapist and someone who has a certification (not license) to practice “life coaching.” Life coaching is not regarded to be a legitimate form of therapy in most counseling circles. In short, if you want to practice counseling, then you need to get the training and credentials to do it. Otherwise, a person is practicing without a license and this is illegal. Plus, if you need surgery, then who do you want–a nursing aid or a licensed physician???

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