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Don’t be a drifter; be a liver!
(Not the organ!)

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Are you the star of your life? Well, you should be.

     What defines who you are? A lot of people go through life as drifters: people who do not quite  know who they are. I use this term broadly: “Drifters” because I feel it is the best way to explain someone who does not quite know who they are. You are a vagabond of existence, despite your physical spectrum. In essence, you do not exist.

Don’t Be A Drifter

     Drifters are people who traverse through life without a clear picture of who they are or what they should be doing. These people are more than likely to suffer at the hands of depression, anxiety, and self-hate. There is only one way to avoid this: don’t – be – one. It is that simple. To avoid being a drifter, calculate who you are; figure out what life is about. What do you care about? What don’t you care about?

     Keeping up with yourself can often be a journey, and that is okay. Life is about journeys, and figuring out who you are and what you care about. These two facets of life: “who you are” and “what you care about” are the two differentiating factors between a person who is a Liver and a person who is a drifter. Which will you be?

Be A Liver

     Not the organ! Be a Liver: a person who lives life to the fullest! This is different for just about everybody. One may find “living” as going sky-diving; another may find “living” as being the champion of a video game. Whatever your purpose in life, make sure you live it well. If you are a video game freak, become the best of them all. If you are an adrenaline junkie, learn how to grow wings and fly!

     Living life to its fullest is the best way to honor its presence. Without living life to its fullest, we are defaming ourselves and letting our souls go to waste. That is not okay. For one, you need to recognize that life is a gift, and to live that gift is the best way to honor whoever you feel created it for you. Second of all: without this mechanism in place, you are bound to walk your days as a Drifter, alone and cold!

Which Will You Be?

     You have an obligation to live life to its fullest. But that does not mean you are free from the tyranny of life. Be one of the people who see themselves on their death bed not regretting a single moment, except those moments that were wasted in the chasms of time. I picture my last days on earth as: me recalling every victory, and dying while muttering four simple words: “I did it perfectly.”

     Decide who you are…

Author: Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

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