Keeping Up With Life

Does it ever feel like life is a step ahead?
Prioritize so you are two steps ahead!

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Does it ever feel like life is getting ahead of you?

     Well, there is a solution. Time management skills are key to success in life. Some people will feel like keeping a schedule is enough, but that is not always the case. Rather, it is a need to prioritize what is important and what is secondary. We all need to learn how to adapt these key skills into our daily lives, as without time management skills we will always feel life pushing ahead of us. Find below some items that can help!


A key technique in understanding time management is the idea of quadrants. What is a quadrant? Well, think back to math class. Take out a sheet of paper and draw a line on the Y axis, then a line on the X axis. The two should pass through each other, leaving you with a Cross-like shape. Next, take each section (there should be four) and add a letter to them. You should have four sections. Mark each with a “1”, a “2,” and so on.

     Your job is to now divide life’s daily requirements up into quadrants. One area should be reserved for primary assets (life, family, work). Another should be used for secondary items (hanging out with friends, working on your new book), and then the other two are reserved for tertiary activities (what is third?) and another for what comes last (video games, Facebook…) and so on. Make sure to prioritize life rather than schedule it!

     That does not mean a schedule is not important…


     Now that you have divided up your life into sections, it is time to schedule each. But the point of quadrants is to be able to schedule them in order. Rather than writing up a schedule for every aspect of your day, divide it up into quadrants. For example, 9am to 3pm can be Quadrant #2, 3:15pm-4:15pm can be Quadrant #1 (obviously, fill them in based on your own priorities), and so on. This should allow you to organize life, focusing less on activities and more on priorities!

     You will find that it can be difficult figuring out what comes first and what comes second. Does family go ahead of work? Do friends come before or after family? This is really up to you. You must think really hard about what should come first in your life, what should come second, and so on. We sometimes need guidance in understanding the mechanisms of prioritizing our lives, and I am here to help. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance in figuring this key aspect out!

Figuring It Out

     I specialize in everything life-oriented. When you need to figure out what comes first, think about what you do the moment you wake up. What is the first thing on your mind? Is it making breakfast for your family? Or is it making breakfast for yourself? In other words, the first thing on your mind is usually the most important. Once you have a grasp on the first priority, it can be easy to figure out the rest.

     Remember to adjust your quadrants and priorities as life progresses. Depending on the mechanisms of your life, you will find that priorities change. Some people may put friends or work before family…until they have their first child, and then suddenly family is the priority. How do you figure out what is most important? Let the mystery of life guide you, and if you need help, I’m your guy!



Author: Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

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