You Are Destined For Greatness!

We are all destined for greatness!
We just have to figure out the steps.
Learn more in this post!

Building blocks being assembled.

Believe it or  not, we are all destined for greatness!

     Still don’t believe me? Take a step back and look at your life. Pick out the bad; leave it in Slot A. Then take out the good; leave it in Slot B. Is there more found in Slot B than in Slot A? If not, what can you do to change that? How can you do one without the other? We must all begin to realize that in order for there to be greatness in our lives, we must be able to differentiate the good from the bad, and isolate the two as necessary.


     The primary imbalance we all have in our lives is found in darkness versus light. In other words, good versus bad. As part of the human experience, there will always be a need for good, just like there is a need for bad. What do you do when your slot A is overwhelmed by items compared to slot B? You must find a way to turn Slot A into items that work into Slot B. Take the following example:

     You are struggling with money. That fills your Slot A. Take a variable, such as X, and use that as a way to challenge Slot A. How can you make more money? Can you find a second job? Comb Craigslist? What are your talents? What can you do to better your situation?

     Not trying to sound like a Mathematician, but we all need to look at life in variables. When one variable is not working in our favor, we must find a way to change it – very much like a math equation.

Next Steps

     The next step is to implement the new variables. If you are having trouble with love, figure out what variables you can change in order to obtain happiness. That is what life is about: obtaining happiness, sometimes at whatever cost! Make a list of all of the things you could do in addition to your current situation. What can you change? What can you alter to make life easier? Or perhaps even harder? Begin to implement your new variables.

     It  may take some time, but through the process of challenging your demons, you will be able to allocate a new way of life. When you look at things in terms of “steps” rather than mannerisms, you are going to be much better off at solving for a variable. Step One toward financial freedom may involve searching for a better job; step two may be to save more money. These all sound very simple, I know, but hopefully the point gets across.

Starting Over

     When you find a variable that works, keep it! Start from scratch and begin to find new variables for what works! How can you make the most out of the new situation? How can you enhance it? These new “variables” are now focused around maintaining a new way of life. In essence, you start over a second time, and begin to flourish in life.

     When starting over, you must accentuate what variables work. If finding a new job is your key variable, ask yourself why this is the case. Could you have done something different? Was there another option available to you? These are considered independent variables, and you must learn to maintain them. Balance is the essence of life!

Author: Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

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