Invite “Living” Into Your Life!

ACT: Action, Changes, Things

Are you truly living, or are you just fudging it?

To Truly Live…

     I’ve come to find that to truly live, one must carry an extra weight on their backs, for they are open to every opportunity and, therefore, never quite have time to rest (considering perhaps too many opportunities have presented themselves and “no” is not in your vocabulary). I am one of these people, and I do not quite know if it is me being a workaholic, or if I am simply doing things according to my own plan.


     It is not a bad thing to want to be productive; it is also not a bad thing to want to be lazy. However, some of us refuse to see the many signs around us that are telling us to act and make our mark! It may be tough to do what you plan on doing, but regardless of the amount of endurance you will require (and regardless of the amount of time you will dedicate to it, even if it means no pay until you see it through) and regardless of the difficulty level, it is imperative to continue pushing forward.

What We Would Achieve!

     I’ve been a Business Consultant and owner of roughly twelve different companies. I have done my due time, yet I am just getting started. Though it has left me burnt out, tired, albeit, exhausted, I do feel that if we were all in this state-of-mind, where everything around you is a possibility, we would outthink cancer; we would be able to master art; we would be able to rewrite old scriptures…and we would all truly believe that it is not okay to simply drag a blade across the day.


     So, I provision for you a simple challenge: live life. Every person is a potential connection for higher and greater things; every small business you pass on your morning commute is a marketing gig; and everything can be learned by doing. Without action, we cannot measure our success and we cannot fully say we are doing our jobs as human beings. Of course, spend time with family and friends, maintain hobbies, and get out of the house as often as possible doing what you love. Just make sure you did not waste the valuable time you have been offered.

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Author: Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

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