Absolute Control Is In Reach!

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Remember, absolute control is within our reach…


     You are in absolute control of your destiny! Today I woke up and realized something: we are all in absolute, albeit, dynamic control over who we are and what we are to become. Ever balance a checkbook and find yourself penniless? Ever stare into the mirror and find yourself not meeting your inner expectations? These are the devices our minds use to shut down the dopaminergic pathways within us that facilitate self-esteem, self-worth, and self-value. We are strong, and we are free from our own tyranny if each and every single one of us begins to realize that there is less to gain and so much more to lose when you stand before a mirror and dissect ourselves like a gutted boar. This is the human experience: fine-tuning who we are as people, and realizing that our flaws cannot stand in our way. In fact, those facets – such beautiful facets – we consider to be “flaws” can be strengths if we choose to use them properly. Have no money? Spend less. Want to lose weight?

     Join a gym.

     I am not trying to sound crude or even cold-hearted. All I am saying is, rethink what is possible and rethink who you are if you choose to better yourself. We all have something to lose in life: our soul, and to choose to execute it with a sense of near-transparency (words such as “I am fat” or “I can’t do anything right”) is tantamount to treason. If this is how you choose to live your life, then I invite you to do something a good friend of mine once said: buy a bullet, rent a gun, and aim for the temporal lobe…because your attitude begets your ability to win this game we call “life.” We are strong creatures. Human beings are (so we believe) at the top of the food chain. Yet we do not seem to recognize what this means. The power instilled within all of us is based on one simple theorem: self-esteem. I struggle with these issues, as well. I am not perfect, but I continue on an eternal pursuit of perfection. That is because I value myself, and I know that I can achieve greatness if I do not fall victim to the destructive nature of my subconscious. I am in control of my mind, my body, and my soul, and if I do not feel I am then I will climb the highest goddamned mountain if I have to, in order to scream to the world like an echo from the fires within: “I am great!” Try it with me. Join me in an eternal pursuit of perfection. That is what life is about, right? Fighting for greater things. History precedes this. Napoleon Bonaparte sought to conquer the world not out of spite, but out of courage; the Union Army fought for greatness, and beat the Confederacy that freed 2 million African American slaves; and this past year, I recognized my inner potential, and successfully became who I am today. Tomorrow morning, wake up, stand before a mirror, and ask yourself: “What will facilitate greatness for me today?” Then comment on this post, and tell me what you were able to accomplish.


     What would you do if you had the entire world in your hands?

     Seriously ask yourself this question, as it is very important: what if you had the entire world in your hands? Would you set it aflame, or would you release doves? We must all ask ourselves these questions because it reveals what our expectations are for the world. When you look at it figuratively, someone who dislikes themselves would paint the world black; someone who loves themselves would create peace on earth. It is in the absence of these questions that we lose ourselves, because we are all a part of a bigger picture: the human experience. To live it is to walk with the greats. We must always remember why we are here and what we are doing with ourselves in order to prosper as a society, and as individuals. Ever have one of those days where you wish you could paint the world black? Well, you might want to get checked for symptoms of depression! Just kidding, but there are a lot of people who wish they could just paint the world black, and that’s okay. We all have off-days, but remember that just because you are having a terrible day does not excuse the world being painted black by your pandemic brush! Always stand strong! Be resolute! Don’t let the world become dark to you! “Always live in awe and wonder of the miraculous human experience” – Hunter P. Adams. It is a great world, whether you can see it or not. We have a duty to cheer each other up when we are upset; to brighten the world when someone around us is seeing nothing but darkness. Who was the last person you spoke to? And what did you do to help them achieve good, positive emotions?

Remember, we are all a part of this!

 The Human Experience

      We all live for, or in spite of, the dynamic human spirit. The human experience is a wonderful thing; it is a marvel. We must always look at life as something worth cherishing and protecting, for if we look at it any other way, we are setting ourselves up for failure (and even war). Transference is real, and we all have a profound influence on those we are around. If you see a bleak world, chances are those around you will notice it, too. And in this insinuation, we realize that we are all a part of this world, and all equally trapped by it. But that is no excuse to let the world get us down. We have a duty to protect each other, to find solutions for others, an to assist others in making the human experience equally as profound as our own (and to trust that when we are feeling down, we are surrounded by people who will do the same for them!) Tomorrow is a new day. What will you do with it? Will you make the best of it or just play it safe and roll over? Will you be the one who wishes to paint the world black, or the one who accepts that the human experience is the way to go? Look past oceans and borders; see that the world is a marvelous thing to be a part of. Will you protect it, or will you paint it black? You have until tomorrow to decide…

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