What Is A Job Audit?

A job audit is a new concept created by our Founder where job hunters have an opportunity to present to me and an expertise-driven team the jobs you had in mind to apply for. When you submit, you are asked questions that will allow us to either match you to the right job, or detail those that have already been selected by you. But why would you need to do this to apply for a job?!


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Less Resistance

The job audit is essentially a report that offers a customized analysis of the company that you are applying to or interviewing with, including demographics and psychographics, company culture and approach, dominance and authority level, and just about everything you need to know about that company so you can prepare the best cover letter, resume and interview as you possibly can.


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How To Start

This is a non-static page. It will be updated at a later point. However, because we are introducing this service on a trial-by-case basis, please reach out if you want to see or hear updates on our upcoming 2022 launch. Yes, we are accepting submissions, but do note that because this service is still untested and has not yet “launched,” we cannot accept more than two projects a month.


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