Behavior Modification

Behavioral Modification is a technique used to eliminate negative behaviors through the use of physical or mental cues. However, not many realize that you can also change your emotions and your mindset based on the way you act. I teach a workshop every 6 weeks on how to use mnemonic devices (simple actions such as tapping your finger twice to your nose) to your advantage. It also incorporates some intense meditation, so click here to reserve a seat!

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What is behavioral modification?

Behavioral Modification is best explained by the rat theory. When you place an electrical charge on the cage of a lab rat, the rat will begin to associate the severe shocks with the entire cage itself. It will then avoid touching the cage to prevent physicalĀ  harm. Another theory often used in behavioral modification is Pavlov’s dogs. When Pavlov rang a bell, his dogs would instantly salivate because they associated the ringing bell with food. This is basically the essence of behavioral modification: association!


Learn to change your emotions!

With my guidance, you can learn how to turn something as simple as the tap of a finger into a way to achieve happiness! Want to alter your mood based on something as simple as a smile? A finger tap? Arching your shoulders? Contact me for more information on how I can change the way you think, the way you feel, and the way your emotions function based on simple actions!

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How is this done and when/where?

I offer individualized web sessions on behavioral modification, as well as a workshop I hold every 6 weeks. This is accomplished by learning to associate a mnemonic device (i.e. something like tapping your finger twice) with a specific emotion. Want to feel confident every time you arch your shoulders? I can teach you how to do this! Want to feel comforted when you tap your index finger twice against your knee?


I can teach you how to do this, too! Contact me below!



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