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Career Guidance & Technique

This workshop is meant to guide you on what career choice to make. Whether you are looking for a job or are trying to change careers, it is imperative to understand the mindset of the hirer. What colors on a resume attract the most attention? How do you interview successfully on the first try? Where do you look for your next career? These are all covered in this workshop.


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Title: Career Guidance & Technique
Date: Ongoing workshop & webinar
Cost: $255 (20% discount for students)


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The Curriculum

This workshop is held every month on the 15th. It takes about six hours to properly prepare you for your next big move! There is no timeframe, and we do both group sessions as well as one-on-one sessions. You will learn how to write and format your resume, highlighting your strengths; you will learn how to write and personalize a cover letter; you will learn interviewing skills; and you will learn how to find career options. We also include career guidance to determine where you belong.


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  • What job you should be working in
  • How to turn a job into a career
  • Resume writing, cover letters
  • Tips and advice for interviews
  • Researching your career choice



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