What Is Coaching?

Life Coaching, in whatever form, is a very personal way of providing advice to those who feel therapy and medication are not the answer. Rather than using cognitive or Socratic techniques, a Life Coach provides an atmosphere of motivation. With the right Coach, you can become a person of balance and unlimited potential. Your strengths are always emphasized, and your weaknesses are broken!

A road sign that says "life coaching"

Unlike Therapy…

Life Coaching is the science (and the art) of bringing out the best in someone. Unlike most therapy, Coaching teaches you to esteem yourself as well as others. People are very habitual creatures, and due to this we often become so wrapped up in the reticent of life that we forget to look around us and see the beauty of the world we live in. We live in a miraculous world. Why not embrace it?

Whatever Your Reason…

I can help you! Even if you are not here to improve your health or publish a book, with Strategy Coaching I can turn you in the right direction and provide you the boost you need. If you need to learn Leadership, Confidence, change your mindset, or become more assertive, I can help with that, too. Coaching is a broad discipline, and many enter into it as an alternative to traditional therapy.


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