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The Science of Competition

Competition is necessary for any business strategy. Anyone who has ever written a business plan knows that one of the most important section is “Competition” and how to transcend others doing similar ventures of their own. But we need to view competition as more than action; it is a science.


Understanding the Enemy

Want to understand your competition? Do more than just research the company. Instead, focus on the psychological aspects: how quickly did it take for them to see a profit? What kind of customers do they currently have, and does the number remain stable? Do they have a compelling website?


What We Offer

We offer several packages that will provide you with a competitive analysis unlike any other!

  • Detailed report on up to 10 competing companies
  • Interpretive research is used to develop your report
  • Solutions and suggestions are included with your purchase
  • You can select more than 10 companies, and you can add features



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