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We Offer Consulting, Too!

Business Consulting & Creative Consulting are alike and different at the same time. Let us examine Business Consulting first. When you are starting a business, you need ideas; you need a business plan; you need a marketing plan; you need a website…these are all services we can assist with. We want to help you grow your business or, if not there yet, get it started so that you can begin! We are affordable and creative, and want to help you achieve your business goals & creative desires, so click here for a free demo!

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What is Business Consulting?

Consulting ranges from starting a business to teaching corporate executives leadership skills. When you begin Business Consulting with us, you can be at any stage. However, we tend to focus at the startup level, where you have yet to form your business and are still testing our an idea for a product or service. We are a creative team of individuals who are working to make your dreams come true, so let us develop the business you plan on building; let us assist you in expansion!


Learn To Be A Leader!

We train individuals on properly communicating their goals, asserting themselves as individuals, & being capable of leading teams of quite possibly hundreds of people. If you choose to work with us, you will learn to be a great leader & an even greater businessman! Leadership is all about dictatorial communication. Without that key facet involved, you are just assertive. The difference rests in the ability to command a team!

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How is this done and when/where?

We offer individualized sessions, 6-session package deals, and even Paintball and Video Game Retreats that have been proven over time to teach leadership, communication, and teamwork. We host a Paintball Retreat every other month at Extreme Rage Paintball Field, and are hoping to set up our own field soon. Video Game retreats utilize modern gaming that has been empirically proven to enhance strategic thinking. Want help developing your leadership & teamwork skills?

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