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Comfy Couch

Comfy Couch Coaching is a mom-and-son tag team Life Coaching experience! With us, you get the Certified Life Counselor: Ryan W. McClellan (who specializes in Personal Development) and his mother: Mindy I. McClellan (who assists with equally-relevant feedback). The two combine to form a dual experience of warmth and caring! We are a tag-team, mother-and-son Life Coaching team that is set out to see you succeed! Offering Personal Development Coaching, Success Coaching, Confidence Coaching (and so much more), we are here to help you in your life’s journey!


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Team Bios

Ryan W. McClellan, ACC is a Licensed Independent Life Counselor, and will be one of those guiding you through this intensive learning experience! Having worked as a Life Counselor since 2010, McClellan also has Master’s degree in Counseling & Organizational Psychology, formulating a trifecta of education, education, experience, and expertise! He has been working in Marketing for 10 years.


Mindy I. Zolotin, ALC is a Licensed Independent Life Counselor and (and here’s the fun part) is the mother of Ryan! That’s right, you have two Licensed Counselors who are not only best friends, but are also a dual-team of fire and exuberance! Mindy worked as a teacher with visually-impaired students, and now has settled down to take on new clients. She has an MS in Education.


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We offer sessions via webcam, over the phone, or in-office upon request. Payment is $50 per hour, though we do offer package deals. For those who wish to be committed, we offer a 5-session deal for $200 (saving you $50!). If you are local to Miami, Florida, you can also see us in our office. We perform all sessions on a very comfortable couch, and we use an inconspicuous webcam experience via Skype or the Zoom platform.


Ready To Start?

Contact us below! We are here to help!


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