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Leadership & The Working World

This workshop is meant to guide you toward working more effectively and assertively. Having trouble dealing with teamwork? Want to learn how to lead a team, organize a project, or start a company? These all require leadership skills, and this workshop does just that. Leadership is not just about being someone others are willing to follow. Rather, it is a mindset that requires practice and understanding. We build you up so you understand what a true leader is, and then progress into teaching you how to become one!



Title: Leadership & The Working World
Date: Ongoing workshop & webinar
Cost: $255 (20% discount for students)


A woman flexing before a sunset.

The Curriculum

This workshop is held every month on the 15th. It takes about six hours to properly prepare you for your next big move! There is no timeframe, and we do both group sessions as well as one-on-one sessions. You will learn to understand what leadership is and what it is not, how to improve your assertion and teambuilding skills, and best of all: you will be put to the test to practice your skills throughout!


A man thinking in a busy city.


  • The principles of leadership and teamwork in theory
  • Practice sessions meant to improve leadership skills
  • How to promote an environment of synchronization
  • Team building exercises to improve team operations



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