Life Strategy Guides (What To Know)

The guidelines for a good business plan

Life Guides and Strategies encompass much of my work.


A Life Guide is a strategy session. It is a plan for your life, and we are not just talking about five-year plans. We are talking about a literal business plan for your life, which is something we have offered as a workshop in the past. Due to the pandemic, this need has become limited as we have less access to viable resources. However, we still want to help you. If you are interested in developing a Life Guide, contact us here. If you would rather just read, feel free to ignore the sales pitch (sorry, but yes, we are a business!). A Life Guide came to my mind five years ago (give-or-take) when I had a promotional giveaway where I would “solve your biggest problem in three days or less,” and then would also help you form a plan for change. I found that the Life Business Plan (as I called it) was essential to the success of an individual.


Before a business can so much as start, they need to map out the strategies that will get them from Point A (investment) to Point B (viable business). This includes a team biography, a mission statement, a projection sheet of income and expenses, and a purpose. You use it to “map” out the business’s strategies for success. A Life Guide is no different. It is meant to map out the acceleration upon a given topic. For instance, you need to learn how to better your skills with others. Social skills are a tough one, and we can all relate. Even common extroverts have trouble communicating! So, a Life Guide or Life Plan would include your mission statement (to become more capable of communicating), your objectives (“listen more carefully,” or “try to think before you speak”, as rough examples), and your plan-of-action (milestones that read step-by-step your processes). 


In 2020, I altered my Life Guide/Life Plan to encompass more than just that. I wanted to make sure everyone who was paying good money to achieve a given outcome was able to do so correctly. That is why I limited the Life Guide to a single task. Do not try to develop an entire plan for your life. That is working harder and not smarter. Rather, you need about ten different “plans” of action for ten different goals, so-to-speak. If you want to become more assertive, develop a short plan. You can do this with any problem, including relationships (“how do I improve my marriage?”) and stress (“how do I cope with stress?”). Never try to cross over too many areas at once! Focus on one goal at a time – it works much better that way. Once you know what you want to change, it becomes easier to develop game plans for your daily life.


It can look any way you want! You can do it on a notepad; you can do it on a Word document, or a Google Docs document; you can do it via voice note on your iPhone or Android. However, be sure it includes the three main ingredients: a mission, your overall objectives, and your strategy. How will you get from one point to another? What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Also, never forget to outline your objectives clearly, such as: “Become more financially stable over the next 30 days” or “save money, spend 50% less this month than last month.” These help you when you need to reverse backward and figure out what you initially wanted to accomplish. Have one-to-two paragraphs for your mission statement, about three-to-four one-to-two sentence objectives, and a strategy plan that can be anything from a milestone table (see here for an example) to a discussion about your plans. I like to keep it simple, and if you need help figuring it out, reach out to me!


That depends on you! I cannot say it works unless you prove it works for me. I have had massive success with this program, and if you want to learn more please contact me for more information. I can help figure out the solution to your biggest problem in three days or less, and you only pay if I nail it on the head! Then, if I can put together a good end resolution, I can enter into agreement with you to create a Life Guide or a Life Strategy Plan (sometimes referred to as a “Goal Strategy Plan.” I have seen it work, and it does wonders keeping individuals on track when they really need it. I would love to hear your issue(s) so we can address them further! If not, take this with you on the way out: life is alterable. It is like a torn piece of clothing: there is a solution to it, simply sew and mend. If that does not work, you are not using the right tools!

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