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Life Plan

Are you going through a change in life, or are looking to change something? Well, look no further! In the business world, one uses a Business Plan in order to convince potential investors that they are well-off if they put their money into the project. But there is a lot to consider. For one, you must prove that the idea is worth investing in, and typically there will be three key areas you want to emphasize: 1) what is the problem? 2) What is the solution to that problem that you are proposing, and 3) how do you plan to make money on the idea? Well, this is not about money; this is about happiness and well being.


     A Life Business Plan is a lot like a standard Business Plan, except it encompasses you and your life rather than a business. You will be delineating what it is you wish to change or alter, what you are seeking, what will be required in order to locate happiness, and you will then go about figuring out why and how it will provide said happiness. This is important for a number of reasons, among them: the need for acceptance!

     As human beings, we often leap before we look, and by putting everything into a short and concise Life Business Plan, chances are you will be able to spot your margins-of-error a bit easier. Also, the fact that you are pitching it to family and friends (just like a real investor meeting) will let you get tons of feedback from them, rather than relying on blind eyes and deaf ears. That is the purpose of a Life Business Plan.


     A Life Business Plan is a great way to figure out a way to change your life. If you are currently stuck at a dead-end job, or feel you are missing the love you once cherished, it is imperative to begin to make changes. But how do you make these changes without a formal plan-of-action? Well, that is what this section is about. Your goal here is to figure out what priorities you have in your life, and how to go about finding them without running into problems along the way. That is the purpose of a Life Business Plan.

     By developing a Life Business Plan, you are capable of easily attributing the good from the bad, and understanding what risks lie in each course of action you choose to take. Not only that, but you are going to be pitching the Business Plan to friends and family to get their feedback and their honest input. This allows you to avoid any margins-of-error during your course of action. What are you changing? Why are you changing it? Your investors (friends and family) will be helping you figure this out.

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