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The Paintball Retreat

We are partnering with in an effort to set up an indoor paintball field where we will teach leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Paintball, despite becoming one of today’s least popular alternatives to a fun day out with friends or family (mostly due to the cost it takes to play paintball, though we are trying to bring it back!), every two months we host a Paintball Retreat.



Creating Teams & Leaders

We teach teams of companies (from 5 people to 50 people), as well as individuals of all ages and backgrounds, to properly communicate strategies, creatively outthink their opponents, and build leadership. The Paintball Retreat consists of 4-6 weeks of play, every Saturday and Sunday, at our own exclusive field. As a former Division 2 paintball player, I know all too well how this dying sport can build character. Consider it a fun alternative to a standard workshop on building a solid team!



Come Join Us!

We currently are working on developing this project. We need your help setting it up! We are looking for sponsors, endorsers, investors, and everyday people to help fund the franchise opening so we can begin to make an impact! Want to help or make a donation? PleaseĀ contact us and you will be contacted within 24 hours with our press kit and plan. We intend on spreading this project across the country, so let us gather the proper funding so we can pair up with eMoneyPaintball and get to work!


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