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Personal Development

Our personal development services range from Leadership to Mindset, and everything in between. I run a 6-week course on mindset and leadership, and that is what I bring to the table. With this brand of Coaching, it is imperative to note that all you are doing is learning to become a better person. These sessions start out with an open discussion about who you are and why you are here. Then, we begin to break the problem or situation apart, and you will learn techniques to improve upon them!

What Is Personal Development?

Personal development is the art of redefining and enhancing yourself as a human being. We are all capable of our best or “ideal” selves, but sometimes we need help realizing what to improve and what to keep the same. When you seek Personal Development Coaching (whether Leadership, Mindset, or as a generality) you are entering into what I call “mindfulness training,” which enhances your introspective abilities and self-awareness. It is a means of improving what may not require improvement. We are all capable of becoming more productive, and more mindful. Let us help you get there!

Business Consulting

Business Consulting is my forte, where I assist start-ups in the formation of ideas, understanding the power of enabled learning, and using the Lean Startup method. If you are not a start-up, you can still benefit by learning how to motivate your employees on a psychological level, as well as raise morale. This leads to increased productivity! You will also learn how to incorporate creative thinking into business. With over ten years of experience and knowledge in running and owning several businesses, I can assist!

The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup movement was coined by the esteemed Eric Ries as a means for developing both businesses, as well as products. Its purpose is to shorten development cycles using iterative product releases and hypothesis-based experimentation that leads to validated learning. The main purpose of this movement is to allow start-ups to invest their time building products or services that meets the needs of eventual customers, called early adopters. By looking at time as the biggest resource, it has helped thousands of businesses and I will teach you how it can help you, too!

Strategy Coaching

Strategy Coaching is a method I have developed that provides a new twist on traditional Life Coaching. It means providing a framework for a problem, rather than just a solution. In turn, you are responsible for finding the solution; I am just a guiding medium. I use a number of techniques in Strategy Coaching, including free association and NLP. Combining humanistic and cognitive techniques that facilitate growth and relational development, Strategy Coaching is for general advice unrelated to the above.

You Are In Charge

Whereas a Life Coach may help you with a relationship problem by telling you what the best course of action is, a Strategy Coach will instead provide you with a means of figuring it out for yourself! I have found that when people solve their own problems, even if it is with the help of another, they feel responsible for it, thus allowing them to credit themselves for it (of which leads to higher self-worth and esteem). This empowers them to use the same means to assess and resolve future issues, meaning less of your paycheck goes to a Life Coach. If this sounds appealing, ask for more information!

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