Life Coaching

The first most obvious service is personal growth. For $50 an hour, I promise to provide the most relevant advice to you, mapping you right to your inner wishes and desires to be more confident, to be a better leader, or to be a better person overall.


A young plant growing in soil



Career Consulting

Need professional guidance? Unsure of your future? Well, me too. That is one additional offer I extend to you for $55 per hour. I will help you figure out where you belong. Life is tough, and career ventures come and go, but let’s develop a plan together.


A strange figure of a man questioning his life.



Business Consulting

Lastly, for $75 an hour, I can tell you exactly what your small business needs to grow, to thrive, and to succeed. I have vast experience in the business realm, and I can guide your startup to success. You will be guided with an expert’s advice.


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