Our Methods

>We can talk to you one-on-one via Zoom, Skype, or on the phone. We are working on a more influx interface, but until we can get that going, let this website act as an informal reason to book us for a free trial session! Book one with us, and we are waiting to hear from you!


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Modestly Priced

You will find nothing but the most affordable from us. We often charge between $25-30 for Life Coaching, $30-40 for Career Consulting, and $50+ for Business Consulting. We are open and honest about our pricing and because we are so happy about it, we are not afraid to list the price on our website!


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Our Schedule

We work best between the hours of 8am and 3pm EST, but can modify our schedule if needed. This site has a contact page that will allow you to reach us, to book a session, or to ask questions. We want to make sure you are given immediate help, rather than waiting around for your therapist to call.


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