Student Centered!

There is more to us than merely Life, Personal, Business or Career choices. We specialize in college students, as well. College students represent a vast majority of the lost, and we like to place great emphasis on their training for real life. It has helped us knowing we have helped other students!


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Stress & Pressure

Thirty-six percent of students suffer from anxiety disorders; one in six students will begin drinking sometime while in college; stress and school-related pressures cause more headaches than anything else. We place personal structure around our guidance for non-specialized treatment when no one else will help. Sometimes it takes a single voice to fall forward.


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Career Planning

Students in college often have trouble deciding what to do with their lives. We want to help! Career Consulting is a specialty of ours, so we offer similar services to students in college. We like to start planning out their lives early, using our patented Extracurricular Method that has worked with hundreds!


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