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Scary Fact

Did you know that up to 31 percent of college students suffer from stress that leads to anxiety disorders later on in life? Did you also know that many students today suffer from substance abuse, with over 1/4 of college students reporting they have engaged in binge-drinking? These are all very real issues we need to recognize before it is too late! I offer career guidance, general counseling, stress and time management training, and how to deal with peer pressures.

Latin descent female college student graduation on campus.

Student-Centered Coaching

I have been working with schools around the country to ensure the wellbeing of students on their campuses. I have developed ties with Miami Dade College, Florida International University, University of Miami, and Florida State University. My mission is to create a disclosed atmosphere where students can seek assistance in dealing with stress, time management, and substance abuse (among other areas I focus on). These are elements that need to be addressed, as students do not go to guidance counselors as much as they should.


Join Me In Success!

Are you a student? A concerned parent? Students these days – not just college but also high school – are under severe amounts of stress, and are prone to substance abuse, anxiety, and worse! Let me help teach time management techniques, stress management, and everything else you will need to succeed as a great student! Fill out the form here to receive more information.

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