You Are Given A Choice

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You are given a choice in life: stand still or move at light speed.


There is a fine boundary between living life and letting life live you. As an example, do you serve a purpose, or do you purposely serve? Are your needs truly met in a life hellbent on change and indecision? Do you hate your job? Do you feel you have made bad choices in life? Well, good! That is how we need to feel. As Ben Franklin once said: “Progress is born from agitation. It is agitation or stagnation.” We have to truly become angry at the manner in which our lives have progressed (even in lieu of good things occurring, as well) in order to make changes. Now, not everything needs change. Sometimes life is best left to chance; take what hands life deals you. But often times we need to set boundaries, and fine-tune our engines with lightning-fast grease! Do not be a casualty.


Purposely serving is human nature. We are a society bred on innovation and collaboration. From all corners of the globe, we see hints of democracy, capitalism, and communism all intertwined into a singular cluster of lymph nodes. The virus is real, is what I am getting at. What virus, you ask? Well, the virus is what I call: “purposely serving,” or a fancy way of indicating that most of us are not living the fullest lives we possibly can. We choose menial jobs that suit our desires, not our wishes; we buy menial clothes instead of treating ourselves once in a while; we allow society to trick us into thinking life is about choices when really, it is about accepting opportunities! Think about it: daily, you are presented thousands of opportunities. These are often ignored by most of us. Example: you see someone stranded on the side of the road. They look so broken!


…And this is because they are accumulated in their own minds. They are failing to see that those people might be in trouble, but many choose to ignore them. This is a phenomenon many have tried to study. It is called fondly: “Bystander syndrome” or “the bystander effect.” Did you know that in some states, it is actually against the law to stand idly by while someone is in harm’s way? An example was demonstrated on Seinfeld. A large, obese man was mugged. Jerry and Elain and the rest start filming it and cracking jokes. When the cops finally arrive, they end up being told that they were now being convicted of a crime they did not commit (or did they?) They committed the Bystander effect, and this is where opportunities cease to pass us. They ended up in jail.


Thank God for conversation. I took the time to speak with a Career Counselor at my school. We were originally talking about an event one of my student organizations is throwing. We ended up talking more and more, until about an hour of our precious time had been used up talking about…well, nothing. It was then that she offered me a job. Though I have to still “apply,” I think when the Coordinator of the department says: “We need a Career Coach,” and then explicitly gives you job details, they mean business. Now, how did this occur? Simple: I took the time to converse with her; to ask her questions; to engage this moment as an opportunity! And because I threw myself into the limelight, made her laugh, made her feel important, made her feel as if she was accomplishing something…I was then offered a job. This is an example of what you should do.


Be wary about not saying: “yes” to just about every logical opportunity that presents itself. Remember that an opportunity often comes disguised as something menial or pointless. Example: you pick up a hitchhiker (I do not strongly condone doing this, but it is an example) and that hitchhiker happens to not be the person you thought he was. He is actually a pretty interesting thought. What if this person’s car broke down? What if you happen to be helping him out? You have a conversation and find out this man’s Mercedes Benz broke down two miles down the road, and thanks to you helping him, he gives you his business card. Next thing you know, you have a new connection, and that connection was brought about with (yup, you guessed it) saying “yes!”


Yes, yes, yes, grants us the opportunity to find new things out about ourselves. It allows us to position ourselves in the shoes of something we want to be, rather than something we could be. Opportunities are everywhere, and with that said, absolute power is in your hands. Jim Carrey once said: “If you want something, ask the universe. It will answer back. I’m the proof.” This can mean a number of things, from praying to meditation, but the point I think he was trying to make was not spiritual or religious. Rather, it was simply a way of reminding us that we have opportunities around us everywhere. We have to ask for permission to engage in them, and that permission starts with us. We have to be open-minded enough to provision wisdom to succeed and thrive!


So, what is the new word you need to remember? “Yes.” That simple. Just say: “Yes” to every logical opportunity that presents itself. Again, do you serve a purpose or purposely serve? Whether you are content with life, mad at it, condoned by it, or simply living it, the best advice anyone can ever receive from another is simple: do not underestimate the power of opportunities around you. Open doors, connect with likeminded individuals, and collect business cards and phone numbers like it were some sort of parallel addiction. You have the power to mediate your own success.

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